Singapore's first wholesale festival

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello to all my shopaholics girlfriends/readers out there!
I have a piece of good news for you girls.
Friends who knows me well will know that I love love love to shop, a l o t.
& I can't resist shopping especially, cheap and affordable stuffs.

This weekend, we @threeblindmiceflea will be holding 
Singapore's first ever Wholesale Festival! 
Yes, you heard me right. A wholesale festival!
There will be items ranging from past collections to new arrivals all at whole sale price!
The past collections item can also go as low as $2!!! 
Are you friggin' kidding me?!? 

Here's the details of the event! Expect your favourite pieces of clothing, shoes, bags
and everything. It will be a mini Chatukchak market when I say that, I mean a real one.
Yes, there will be coconut ice cream too!!!! 
For those who have not tried the famous Chatukchak Market coconut ice-cream, 
here's a good opportunity for you to try! 

Honestly I can't wait for Saturday to come! I don't know about y'all. 
But I'm sure as hell that I'm heading down at 12pm to grab all the loots!
Oh! You girls who wna set up a booth at #threeblindmiceflea flea this coming July 12/13 
can also sign up there!!!! 

Besides girls who loves good and cheap loots, 
girls/guys who have always wanted to start your own retail business, 
This is a huge opportunity for you guys! Head down and learn more about setting your own blogshop!

More info will be up for the next few days!
So, please do keep a look out my dear girls!

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