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Friday, May 30, 2014

I've always wanted to dye my hair in Pastel colours, or probably
platinum blonde? But I don't have enough courage to do it.
Until, now.

Some of my past hair colours and styles. Hahah.

& yes, as you can tell, my colour is red and blonde. 
Nope, I did not dip dye my hair. All I did was to dye my inner parts of my hair blonde!
& I did it way before the dip dye trend came in lol.
 So I have always wanted to dye my whole head blonde. 
But I don't have the courage to bleach my whole head. :/
Until I saw my younger brother came back home, blonde. 
Since 90% of people who saw us said that we looked alike (carbon copy) 
& my brother looks good in blonde, so why not? Yolo only. 

This was the very first time after I went over Black Hair Salon to do my hair. 
My hair so damn soft and smooth. Although the colour did not differ much from my previous but I'm still loving it.
Was supposed to have blue highlights but as I was rushing for time, I didn't get to do it.
& weeks after, I received a call from Deniece about a collaboration, I was so elated! :D

& so, I went over for my very 1st official session with them on 27 May.
Now, for some visuals. 

She helped me apply some serum to protect my scalp from the bleaching powder. 
** Note : They did not bleach my roots so it's not damaging. (:
& true enough, I don't even feel ANY pain. None. 
It was so different from my previous experience at the other saloon.
Which the bleach almost killed me. D: 

Catherine is my stylist & she is a very nice lady. 
Kept asking me if I'm hungry, if I wna go toilet. (':
& Frankie who helped Cat. He is damn funny I kernot. Hahahaha.

You can actually see the base purple & I was really damn excited how my hair will turn out! 
& if you're wondering why they are aluminium foils around my hair is because I actually have hot pink highlights! :D It's really quite difficult to do my hair as my hair has a lot of different colour pigments which is damn difficult to wash off. 

So after 7 hours, my hair is FINALLY DONE YAY.

Okay, my hair is not pink! It's actually ash purple with hot pink highlights! 
& for those who wna know what colour is it?
Base color - Candy Violet
Highlight - Candy Pink
Rich Repair Treatment 
& It's my stylist Catherine who decide it for me. :D
So kudos to her I can has SUCH MERMAID PONY hair! 

My very caring and humorous stylist, Catherine.
謝謝你,Cat 姐!辛苦你了!
& yes, I tried curls. So how do I look with curls ah? :/
I think I look older hahahahha. 

Here are some products they used! 
They use dye without ammonia so that it won't spoil your hair! 
& indeed my hair really feels a lot better. 


Shampoo that Blackhairsalon sponsored me to help maintain my hair!
I am damn surprise that there are no loss of colours after the first wash.
People who've dyed colour like red/blue or other colours should understand that
usually after the 1st wash, the colour will drop.
But surprisingly mine did not! *damn surprise*

Photos with my new hair hehehe

Always keep in mind! 
When in doubt, Go Black (; 
(if you get what I mean) 

They're located just beside OG.

The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28 
Singapore 189646

Tel: +65 68359976

Do follow them on their Facebook & instagram @blackhairsalon !

So! Thanks for reading till the end!
& here's a little something for my friends/readers. 

Quote "BlackAngel Jovelle" for 10% off all hair services

& an extra piece of good news to all my LASALLE/NAFA friends and readers!
you guys will enjoy 15% off instead of 10% if you mention my name 
& show your student pass!

Go pamper your hair now. (;

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