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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hello hunnybunnnnnns. Okai I'm sorry I took so damn friggin' long to blog -.-
I was super duper luper busy w my school work. :< 
Okai, for those who don't know, I'm currently taking my degree at 
Lasalle in Design Communication.
& the workload is killing us. Sighpie. 
But I'll try to blog as much as possible! I promise! <:
Okai, shall cut short w my words & start inputing some visuals!

All my photos posted here will be on my instagram!

Aye, enjoy the visuals! HAHAHA.

what I wore on my first day of skool.

My babes in school <;

My beloved classmatessssssss

& so I celebrated my bday. Yay.


Okay, so I think I need a self intro about myself as I'm v new to this blogging community. 
So here goes!. 

1. Jovelle is not in my IC. It was given by myself when I was 15. 
& don't bother asking whats my name. Because I won't tell. <:

2. I am standing 170cm tall. 

3. I am a very loud & am an extrovert too. Don't judge me by my looks.
Because I am actually v v v friendly <:

4. Tho I may look like I smoke and all, but no. I've never smoke before. 

5. My CCA when I was in primary & secondary school was Chinese Orchestra & badminton (for a short while).
Yes you did not see wrongly. I was in CO for 8 years. HAHA.

6. I am musically-inclined. I can play the piano. & yes, I don't look like a pianist. Ya I know. 

7. My one passion I have & still have is : Dance. 
That is why dancexpression. Get it?

8. I am attached very blissfully to my boy @prototypepath. 
For those who're curious, his name is JunHao.
(I'll post a post about us soon.)

9. I can never do math. I am v serious.

10. Ive always excel in mandarin since, primary one? 
& yes, it was my strongest subject since young.

11. I began to play dress up professionally when I was in Sec 4. 

12. I've bleached my hair a total of 3 times. As for dying my hair? Countless.

13. I've got quite low confidence about myself 'cept when I'm dancing on stage.

14. Ive got stage fright when it comes to public speech alone.
But I don't have it when I'm dancing. Hahaha. Weird I know.

15. I loooooooove bubbletea w pearls. 
& I don't like mini pearls.

16. I do not know how to cycle. Yes. DO NOT KNOW. <:

17. I only know whats the meaning of Fuck in Secondary 3. Lol. Don't judge.

18. I can lick my elbow! Hahaha.
My younger brother can too. 

19. All the electronic devices I have, it's all Apple product. 
I am an Apple supporter.

20. I do not really know how to use windows. 

21. I am v skilled at surprising people. Hahahha. I have damn alot of wacky ideas.

22. I love chubby babies. Their cheeks like overflowing xlb. hehe

23. I will never fail to cry at TV/Movie scenes where the parents sacrifices for their kids. 
I will definitely cry. 

24. Ive a younger brother who looks like me.
(According to people around us, they say we're like twins, 
but he's 4 years younger than me)

25. Ive transfered 4 primary schools before. Don't ask me why. Idky too.

26. I do not eat cockles & oyster (not fresh ones)

27. I hate the smell of almond paste.

28. Ive got dengue when I was 13. So now whenever I have mosquito bites, I'll panic. 

29. I love excitements. Roller coaster la, blah blah.

30. I love to party but I don't frequent clubs. Hahaha. 

Okai, so this is some part of me for now.
Will be posting more soon! <:
& I am ending this damn abruptly. Hahaha. 
Till then, byeeeeee xo 

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