Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello munchkins. I'm finally back with another blogpost. 
Yes okay, I know it's damn long. Wanted to update during Valentine's Day, 
but was really too lazy to do so. So, Im gonna do so now.
Shall introduce a lil about myself first.
Photos later (cause I'm at work now lol)

I'm nothing much actually. I don't model for blogshops, not pretty nor slim. Haha.
Just a very average girl. But I do love dressing up. 1 thing you need to know about me.
I do not wear slippers/flip flops to town. 
I'm a street dancer & designer. Currently waiting to enrol to Lasalle for my degree course.
I'm happily attached to my army boy. (will do an intro of him soon)
& this blog will just be a platform for me to share my outfits, food post & my daily life. 
Actually just a place for me to rant uh. 
Okay, will update when I'm back home. Ciao x

Ask me anything alright. 

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