Looking back 2013.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Hello lovelies. Happy New Year to everyone out there! 
Hope you had fun counting down yesterday!.
Had a very simple and heartwarming steamboat countdown at Dean's new crib with the lovelies. 
Bought too much food and end up not finishing it. Oh well. But we tried our best okaiiii. We started eating from 20:30 to 00:00. HAHAH. 
Monstrous? Yes, I know. 
2013 has been a hell lot of ups and downs blessed and shits. 
I guess every year will be the same, no? 
I'll just sum up things I can remember thruout the year okaiii? Too many things. :< HAHA.

#1: Taiwan trip with family.

Honestly, when was the last time you and your family actually travel together?
For me, it was when I'm 15years old. We went Bangkok. 
(Back then I still wasn't a shopaholic, so didn't shop much. Wasted right, I know.)
It has been 7 years since we traveled?!? So, it was definitely something worth remembering. 
We traveled with my grandma and aunt. Traveled by tour, as my parents wanted to travel the whole of Taiwan. 
So, yup. 

Some shots from the trip.

Had a very very fruitful and fun trip with my family. 
Gonna have another trip this coming May! Hopefully we'll manage to travel! 

#2: 1st year anniversary with my boy!. 

As many of y'all know (thru my instagram and all) that I'm attached. 
& Yes, I am. Very very blissfully attached to my boy, Jun Hao.
For those who don't know anything about us, lemme introduce you a bit about us first.
We're course mates since 2009 from the same polytechnic and eventually became classmates in 2011.
We're not friends until 2011. Hahah. We never talked to each other, not even hi-bye. 
Both of us have not a very good impression of each other. 
(Tho my first impression of him was "wah, this guy handsome" hahaha)
We officially started dating after a trip to Taiwan with 3 other classmates.
On February the 14th (yes, kinda cheesy but yea haha) he popped the question. & I said yes. 
 Photos taken 1.1.2013 (:


Went Social Night with him. 
Been thru with him all the way from BMT and seeing commission as an Officer. (':
He really made me a very very proud gf. 
All those nights out with only 1-1.5hrs of meet up timing. Short but always very happy.
3 overseas trip in total missing him for 3 months. ): 
But I'm glad we pulled thru all of that. & We're a strong pair now. 

 This man here planned my surprise birthday dinner and invited my close friends over to celebrate it with me. <3 So much love for him! 

#3: Getting into Lasalle to pursue my degree in Design Communications.

After graduation in year 2012, I've been working and trying out working life. 
But, it wasn't quite what I was expecting tho. It was nevertheless, very mundane. 
& Ive always wanted to pursue a degree, therefore I decided to give it a shot.
I wasn't sure if I wna continue in design (graphic/advertising) 
& I know I definitely don't wna continue 
in what I was previously studying, Interaction Design. 
Yes, I enjoy my whole course & my poly times, a lot.
But coding is really not my cup of tea. & It made me curse and swear A LOT. 
So, I was thinking of business @ SIM 
(as I can't get in SMU/NUS/NTU. GPA sucks la, okay) 
UOL was one of my options. I went to apply for their Accounting and Finance. 
(I know, cray. But haha)
& I applied Design Comms as well over at Lasalle. Wanted to try out Design Comms @ SIT. But wasn't sure if I can make it in tho. :/ So end up not applying. 
So, one fine day, I received both letters from SIM UOL & LASALLE. 
& I got in both of the course! Lucky me, I know. & it's time for me to make a decision.
After much much much considerations, listing out all the pros and cons, yes and nos. 
I made my choice. & I'm glad I made my choice to decide to stay in design field. (':

First day of school was not that bad. As Ive made a friend beforehand. 
Jia Yuan, a very lovely girl.
A mutual friend of me and Mints. & Met Brenda, Daphne.
Now, I'm very happy. Sem one was over & I'm starting school in 4 days time. 

Dean came to crash my lecture! Hahaha

In 2014, it will definitely be a better year for me, my family my friends and everyone I love/cared about dearly. I just know it will and it shall be good! 
Okay, now for my New Year Resolutionsssss. 
(I'll try my best to keep and fulfil them all *cross fingers*)


1. Do better and get better grades this year. 
2. Control my princess temper. 
3. Be more positive and stay happy.
4. Save at least $5/per day.
5. Try to do some basic workouts 30mins everyday.
6. Less bickering with momsie.
7. At least travel to 2 countries this year.
8. Drink more water and eat more fruits.
9. Sleep before 1am. 
10. Enjoy life, enjoy 2014. 

Thank you all for reading. Please do drop a comment on how I can improve/what would you like me to blog about? Or you can tell me on my ask.fm/dancexpression! :D <3 
Have a great great year ahead everyone xo.


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