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Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm so so so sooooo damn sorry guys. 
I've been really busy with my school and submissions. ):
& I've kinda have a bit of time now, so I shall blog! 
Okay, so I'll be blogging about what's going on with my life recently and some advertorial! 

Valentine's Day.
Okay, I know it's already 31st of March, yes and this is a damn friggin' late post ):
But yes, please pardon me. I am really busy *inserts sad&tired face*
This year, our valentine's day/ 2 anniversary isn't as exciting.
As both of us were really busy with army and school, we only managed
to meet up for dinner. Tho it was simple, but I still enjoyed it. (':

So, this is what I wore for Valentine's day. & I kinda regret it? Cause I get damn
a lot of stares and I kept asking my bf if I was dressed inappropriately ):
What do you guys think? :/ 
Top: TBM Flea.
Bottom: H&M
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Bracelet: Swarovski

Selfie is a must. I'm thankful that he's willing to take cute selfies with me. 
For those who know my bf personally would know that he doesn't like taking photos.
Moreover, selfies. HAHAH. Just love this man to bits xx <3
Okay, so I've decided not to post what we ate because the lighting was bad so I didn't really took 
much photos of the food. But for those who wna know,  we dined at MEDZ @ Orchard Central.
Why there? Because it's the place we dined at for our very first vday together! Hahaha.

Cafe Hopping 
So, recently I've been cafe-hopping quite excessively! 
I'm gonna post photos I took when I visited Wheeler's Yard, W39, Flock Cafe & Working Title!

So, first up would be W39! My darling Lina got to drive that day so the 4 of us, Dean, My boyf, Lina & I
decided to go around Singapore hahahha. & We decided to try W39 Bistro out since we've heard good reviews 
about that place. Upon arrival, we found out that they only served desserts as they'll be closed at 5pm for a private event. ):
& we reached there at like 3.30pm? Oh well, so we only got to eat their dessert. 
So we ordered, Apple Crumble, red velvet & rainbow cake! 
(Y'all can refer to my instagram @dancexpression for photos!)
  • 39 Jalan Mas Puteh
  • Singapore, Singapore 128637
  • (Located at Clementi)

W39's interior is damn pretty to not take photos. Love their layout. 
& Their apple crumble was sooooo good! Must try! 
Their rainbow cake was not too bad but the red velvet cake was not to our liking, sadly. 

 Next up we drive down to Wheeler's Yard for dinner.
I loveeeeee the ambience there. It was soooo nice & so, we took a lot of photos. Hahaha. 
Despite their super chio ambience, I thot their food was just mediocre. Nothing special.
& if y'all are wondering where is Wheeler's Yard located at, here's their address!
  • 28 Lor Ampas
  • Singapore, Singapore 328781
  • (It's located at Balestier) 
  • Mon, Wednesday-Sat : 11:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday: 9:00 - 20:00
  • & Unlike most of the cafes, they're closed on tuesday! Please do take note!

On Me
Dress: c/o by @shopatmayfair 
Visit them for cheap apparels! 
Belt: Forever 21.
Socks: Taiwan.
Shoes: Scape*
Bracelet: Swarovski.

On Him
Top: Banana Republic 
Bottom: Idk where he got it from haha.
Shoes: Timbaland
Watch: Fossil


Flock Café's next! So, finally got to meet one of my best girls I have. 
Known her for almost a decade! Hahaha now, I make myself sound so old. ):
So we've decided to explore Tiong Bahru & indeed there're a lot of interesting cafe.
We wanted to try Forty Hands, but sadly it's closed for renovation so we settled with Flock!
The food served was good and the service was not bad. 
I enjoyed my trip there & I'm definitely going back there again!
  • 78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-25
  • Singapore, Singapore 162078
  • ( Located at Tiong Bahru)
  • They are open everyday! 

So this was my outfit for that day. 
I was dying in that outfit okay! Cause the previous day it was raining so I thot it's gonna rain
but it was damn friggin hot?!?!. Ugh.

Knitted Pullover: H&M
Plaid Skirt: H&M
Donut socks: Topman
Shoes: Taiwan
Necklace: Cotton On.

Many say we look alike, what do you think? (:

This was what I ordered. At first I thought that the serving was small but no! it was just nice!
& I really love this dish! The poached egg was cook to perfection and their hollandaise sauce was super 
duper good. Their serving of Salmon was given generously too. (Y)

In the evening I went to meet my beau to catch a movie, Non-stop. 
It was good! Go catch it if you haven't! & Guess who I saw? Tricia Dear. @triciakohh.
Sucha darling this girl. Forever looking so radiant and happy. See! I look so damn shag beside her. :< Hahahah. But it was nice seeing her. 

Last but not least, Working Title.
I already lost count of the dates and all. But yea. HAHAH.
It was all within the month of March. If I remembered clearly! 
So, I met up my bbg Claire & bbs Hazel & Vinez. I had a damn good time with them.
So much laughs and gossips. Hahahaha. 
Miss them already ):
  • 48 Arab Street
  • Singapore, Singapore 199745
  • (Located at Bugis)

So, nice background calls for ootds. 
I think we took like 30 minutes at some back alley of Arab street taking ootds for each other?
It was so hilarious and funny. Hahaha.
But it was fun! & Thanks Claire Bbg for this shot. I looooove it. (;

Basic white tee: H&M
Necklace: Lovisa
Skirt: H&M
Outerwear at waist: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Newlook

My pretty baos. Love them xx

Uhm, & we thot that the food was just normal? Hahaha. 
But Hazel's & Claire's one was not too bad!.

Okay, I think I shall stop it here & I'll try to blog again within this week?
Stay tune. xx
Feel free to ask me anything on my ask.fm/dancexpression! 
& visit my instagram @dancexpression for daily updates! 

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