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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello dearest everyone out there! 
I am finally updating my blog, again. Hahaha.
Okay, I know I'm sure a very lazy girl that often refuses to update her blog
just simply because I'm really busy ):
People who're closer to me should know that I'm currently working as an intern! 
& I'm still in the midst of adjusting my body clock! 
Okay, so I shall stop talking all these and start updating.
So, what have I been up to last weekend?
I've been meeting my dearest one&only baby girl Claire, @clxiretxy the whole of last week!
Hahahaha. Sorry, we're just that inseparable. 
So, Monday is Claire's graduation & yes her school's at Woodlands.
So means I have to travel all the way from Paya lebar to Wlds. Hahaha.
It's okay, for her I'm willing to do so! (got very touched not?! better be! Hahaha)
Was feeling very down & the very sweet Vinez cheered me up so much. 
Thank you Vivi xx <3 

Vest - Mom's
Cropped Top - H&M
Skirt - Bugis Street
Belt - Cotton On
Necklace - Lovisa
Watch - Casio
Socks & Shoes - Taiwan.

So this is currently where I am working at.
I'm so loving this place and of course the company I'm working for.
My bosses are all so fun and understanding. Really enjoy working with them! 

So Friday, Claire brought me along as her plus 1 for a fashion launch! 
Après Five. 

Top - Shoptexasred
Bottom - Topshop
Shoes - StyleDasher
Clutch - FemmeX
Necklace - Lovisa

Met quite a few people during the event. 
Isabel (Prettyfrowns), Rachel (Rachsuen), Christabel (Bellywellyjelly), 
Claudia (Claudiathen), Alene (Paperkitties) 

& a lot others! So glad to finally meet them in person after seeing all their photos on instagram! After that we went town to meet Rachel & Jon! Had dinner over at Aston and shopped around. Ended the day early! 


Saturday was FleaTitan & yes, I went to the flea with Claire & my boyf! 
It was alright, bought a few stuffs & I alr wore 1 of them Hahahha.
Saw damn a lot of girls there!

Jolene, Jessica, Sammi, Kelly, Ellen, Me! & Claire! 
As what Ellen wrote on her Dayre, we really quite #sampat. HAHAHAH

& coincidentally, my bf is teammates with Alicia's Bf. Hahaha. 

These 3 photos taken from Alicia's blog! <3

I'm so happy to have met you girls over at the event! (:
& A few girls that I didn't get to take photos with! :/ 
It's okay! Will have chance next time hehe!

After that Claire, my boyf & I rushed over to SPGG for Eileen's 21st!

Her pretty birthday cake from @thecakeissue! 
Pretty dessert table. Hehe


Boyfee stayed over. & it's sunday.
omg. finally the day is here.
I was so damn excited HAHAHA

So I bought tix to the same theatre with Rachy & Jon! 
X-men is damn good. Like seriously good. 
I'll rate 5/5! 

Outfit of Boyf.
Top - Topman
Watch - Fossil 
Jeans - idk. Haha
Shoes - Timberland
Shades - Oakley Holbrook

Top - H&M
Bottom - Szes.blogspot.com
Outerwear - NET (Brother's)

& thats all for my weekends. 
Please keep a look out for my next post! 

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  1. Love your outfits! More outfit posts please! :)
    xx Katie


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