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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello muffins cupcakes macarons!!! 
(whatever you wna be called)
Hahaha. Okay so today imma blog since I'm free now & I've been dragging this post for so damn long.
Sigh, what a lazy blogger I am. -.- 
Okay, so I'm very very very blessed and happy to be able to be sponsored by

YES!, you heard me. Finally I can get my fugly nails fixed. D:
People who know me knows that I'm darn lazy to even paint my own nails....
& I only groom them during CNY. Yes. Only CNY. Hahaha. 
Sigh okay. 
So, Cheryl (owner of Cherpetite Nails) 
approached me the other day and she was damn friggin nice. 
& did I mention that she's super adorable and petite?!? Wna kidnap her! Haha. 
So, she asked me to choose a set of nails that I wanted. 
& besides, she also chose some designs for me! 
Here are some designs! 

 Cheryl only started this business last year september. 
& personally I feel her designs and skills is good. She is very patient and very caring. 
Cause it's a home-based business she'll make sure that you're comfortable.
Very thoughtful lady (':
So, here's my nails! 

Yes, that's my new set of nails! Designed for Easter Day! Hahah.
& it's my first time doing Gelish Manicure. Ya I know I very suaku. D:
But it was damn cool. HAHAH. 
Now, there's something for you my readers!

Simply quote <JOVELLEGOH> 
when you're making an appointment with Cheryl
& get $10 off any services! 
What are you waiting for?!?!

Cherpetite Nails
Bishan St 23 Singapore
Call or Whatsapp 96557159
to book appointment now!

Oh! Remember to follow them on Instagram & Facebook too!
Insta: @cherpetitenails
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CherPetiteNails

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