Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello all my dear munchkinsssss!
I am back! So, I've finally ended my assessment last thurs, which means,
Okay so today imma blog about my goooooood friday!
I have been wanting to go to the MBS Ice Exhibition for the longest time ever.
But I ain't got anytime to do so. ): Because of school & my boy's in army.
So we've been dragging and dragging until yes, good friday. 
Hahaha. So, nothing much. Met my boyf up & head down to MBS for early dinz.
We actually got lost at Marina Bay station -.-
Okay, then upon arrival, we decided to dine at Din Tai Fung. 
& I tell you, the queue is NO JOKE. It's damn fucking long. So, we waited for like 20 mins?
Didn't even get to order my fav xlb as we have to wait for like a minimum of 30 mins for that. 
So nope, just gonna skip xlb )': Okay.
So, then after eating, we went out to take my ootd. Hahahah.

I really love how my bf can be so damn friggin spontaneous in taking selfies with me (': 
Thanks bbybae. <3 
& the last 2 photo is totally candid. He kept giving me derp faces ughhhh. Hahahha.
I love us, & I will always do. (confession here, not like he'll see anyway hahhah)
Okay so, after that we head down to the ice exhibition. 
& I fucking underestimate how cold it is -.- 
It is damn friggin cold okay! Like fucking cold. Please do wear appropriately if you don't wna
freeze to death. (I nearly did) 
I find it funny how I went in & just selfie hahahhaha didn't even really see the exhibits much.
Wtf, pay so much to go in selfie. -.-

So after roaming around in the main exhibition & played with the slide, 
we decided to head to ice bar for some drinks. & I personally love the ice bar's coats better. Cause of the furrrr.
HAHAHHA. & yes, I did throw the ice jar & yes IT SHATTERED INTO PIECE.
& we left like around 15-20 mins? Was too cold ):
Went to starbucks to chill. Thank you baby for the wonderful day.
He actually paid for the entire day ('cept the starbux) I was so bad that he had to pay everything ):
But he didn't allow me to. So I insisted on starbux treat. 
Guess I'll treat him to somewhere better next! Look out for it! 
Stay tune for my upcoming post on my new set of nails & hair!!!! 


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