Oh, weekends.

Monday, June 16, 2014

So over this weekend, I attended 3 birthday parties.
Two twenty-first and one twentieth. 
I'll just let the photos do the talking.
Tooooo lazy to type hahahaha.

Happy blessed 21st to you, Hester! 
& of course, all the stupid #wefies.


The very sweet girls from NYPSKT. 
Lena, Jacqueline & Yvonne. They're all my boyf's kayaking team mates.


I am super loving this adorable globe duckling necklace from

Visit them for super cute handmade accessories at very affordable prices.
To all my readers, quote my name and get five% off every twenty dollar spent!

& if you guys followed me on my instagram @dancexpression, you girls would've known that there's 
this wholesale festival held over the weekends at City Plaza.
I am so happy with all my loots. 
& of course, thank you to my boss for giving me special discounts. Thank you Aloy! 

So, they're my bosses. 

So of course I went with my dearest girls.
Claire, Vinez & Lina. Sadly, Rachel isn't in Singapore. ):

We are so damn loving this coconut ice-cream from 320 Below.
I swear they served the best coconut ice cream around.
It was so good that we had 2 cups each. Yes, glutton is us. 


Time for our #ootds. Hahahah. Think we spent around 1hr taking all of our ootds.
But it's forever damn fun having to take ootds with them.


Hat - I forgot where I got it from
Striped turtleneck - Cotton On
Studded skater skirt - Taiwan, gift from Lina
Necklace - Lovisa
Shoes & socks - Both from Taiwan

After the flea, we rushed down to Furama Cityfront Hotel to celebrate Kelly Bb's 20th!
It was a surprise party that Jessica planned for her.
Damn sweet of her. 

So glad to meet these girls again! & nice to meet you, Beatrice. Sucha pretty girl.



Okay. Gonna abruptly stop here. 
Hahahah. Gonna post do a post on my nails & father's day soooon!

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