Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last weekend was fun as usual, spent it with the usuals.
After doing my hair at Black Hair Salon with Claire,
We went over to town to meet Vinez & Jerome.
Jerome drove so we ended up at Haji watching soccer.
Yes, I started watching soccer too. It's damn exciting to watch wut. 
No visuals on friday tho. 


Sat I had a street photo shoot with AFStreetstyle. 
Super thankful for this opportunity.
& after that we head down to Woodlands to have steamboat. 
Saw Claire Hoh in town that day! Miss you dear xx
  Our super awesome steamboat dinner. It was damn good I swear. Hehe
& It was good catching up w my poly mates. Reminiscing the past & all. (Y)
Oh, how I miss those times. ):
 was suppose to head down to Trick Eye Museum that day with Claire, Cliff & Vinez
But sadly all the tickets were sold out. ):
So, we had an impromptu plan to go with picnic @ barrage!

We headed to Giant @ Vivo to get our food and drinks all. 
Had so much fun grocery shopping with them! Heheheh
Credits to my boyf.

Because of the confusing MCE, we go lost & took about an hour to reach -.- 
I swear after that ride, we are all afraid of MCE hahahha.
Credits to Vinez. 

Top - Cotton On
Bottom - Flea
Footwear - New Balance
Shades - Taiwan
Hair - Black Hair Salon
The amount of junk we ate that day. & yes, we finished it all. 
Yes, we are all very glutton. Hehehe.
We got so high playing bluff & so happy catching people. 
We left barrage around 9pm, headed over to Upper Thomson for our late dinner.
Thank you Claire & Clifford for sending all of us home! <3 (':
Can't wait for our Sentosa trip already! 

& remember to read my previous post to find out more 'bout my new hair colour.
Black Hair Salon will be having GSS offers! 
Read my previous post to find out more! 

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