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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Caught Maleficent on Friday with the usuals.
I didn't take any outfit post as it was too rush for time / missed the sunlight.
Sighpiez. Woes of working in the office ):
Didn't take any food photos as we ate Pastamania & don't think it was insta worthy enough.
Maleficent was not bad, tho we feel that it was kinda rushing towards the end.
Honestly, I felt that they casted the right actress for this role. 
Angelina Jolie was perfect for it. I would rate it 3/5. 

Outfit Details

Striped cropped top - H&M $7.90
High waisted shorts - Bangkok
Shirt tied around waist - Benjamin Barker (my brother's)
Watch - Casio
Arm Candy - @Adorels
Boots - Dr. Martens


B stayed over for the weekends yet again.
I'm always happy when he stay over *inserts blessed face*
Wore this outfit to MacRitchie Reservoir to watch National Canoe Competition
I swear I was so angst that day. Broke my fav sunnies. Don't ask me how, idky.
The sun is acting like a bitch as usual. So freaking hot & ughz. Just annoyed. 
After NCC, we headed down to town for some A&F shopping. 
Bought a top each for my brother & dad. 
Dine at our fav casual restaurant, Ambush.

Anyway dear girls, I've got smth to share with you guys!
See this very cute heart-shaped bangle with galaxy pixie dust?!?
Superrrrr cute right? I got mine from 

It's damn cute I swear. & It's actually handmade! I'm so loving the galaxy pixie dust that was added into it! Besides doing nice accessories, the packaging is really nice too!
& Did I mention that the owner Joyce is a very sweet girl? 
One of the nicest people around! 

The bangle is adjustable & it's actually quite secure / won't actually dropped of your arms.
*Unless you've got stick arms ah, then maybe. Hahahha*
Besides bangles, Joyce also sells necklaces & rings! 
& it's all in a 'globe' shape. 

How cute right?!? I can't wait to share with you girls my duckling necklace heheheh.
Loving that so much.

Okay so girls, Joyce will be opening batch 10 next Sunday 15 June at 12nn!
Head over to 
& order yours now! 
You girls can quote "Jovellegoh" to get 5% off with a minimum of $20 purchase!
I'm sure you girls will loveeeee it. 

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