Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello mello jello wello everyone! 
So, I'm gonna blog about my summer break from May - July. So practically, 
I spent my whole (well 3/4) of my summer break doing internship. 
It's not a criteria nor isit a must but I chose to. 
I feel that it's better for me as a student & as well as my resumé!

Okaiiii. So, many of you (okay maybe some) have been asking me where am I interning at, 
where is my work place etc.
& all I answered was "just a small event company" "oh, it's at Taiseng".
So, maybe some of you already knew but yep. I'm currently interning at Three Blind Mice Flea. 
Why? No reasons. I just feel that since I loveeeeee to shop and take #ootds & TBM is also sorta in the same line. 
I thought it'd be interesting!

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first enter TBM. 
But now after 2 months, I realised TBM is the company that manage to push me to my limits 
& which I actually grew the most. (': Thank you so much 老大们。
Just look at Aloy's face. HAHAHHAHA cannot tank. 
 Aloysius, CZ & Kendrick.
Honestly they're one of the nicest boss I've ever met. 
Took leave several times yet they didn't deduct from pay? 
Occasional lunch treats too. & sometimes they'll get Zoe & I chocolates, snacks and even bean curd. 
And at times, letting me knock off earlier on fridays? They are really very nice to me. 
Thank you so much.
And I treat them like my older brothers rather than bosses. 
I don't even feel awkward when I'm with them hahaha
(cause maybe we don't have much age gap hahaha)
Besides all the perks, I really learnt a lot from them. 
Improved a lot on my personal design style too. I really am glad to actually be part of TBM & thankful that I choose to be 
an intern instead of a salesgirl. Hahaha.
 Although it's just a short 2 months +, but I really enjoyed myself throughout this 2 months.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow with you guys. 
Although we only spend probably 1 month together, but I'm glad I get to know you & yuenyee. (:
You girls damn cute & so super sweet la. Sweetest sisters. (':
Thank you for the gift from Bangkok! I looooooveeee it!
See you around school compound okay? Jiayou with your school & we'll have lunch dates soon. 
Luv youuuu xo
Last but not least, I'm proud to be part of TBM & luv you guys! 
Three blind mice huat ah! ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜

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