Monday, July 21, 2014

Honestly, I don't know what/how should I be feeling.
I ought to be mature enough to handle my emotions and analyse my thoughts.
Yes, ought to. And I am trying.
There are limit to all things. I believe I am quite generous in many sense.
Yes, I can be over sensitive towards certain issues but I believe and I dare say I tried my best accommodating despite awkwardness.
But, it seems like it's never enough. I am forever failing at every single bloody things.

1. Studies. 
2. Duties as a daughter.
3. Piano.
4. Dance.
5. As a friend. 

I always question myself. "What am I good for?" 
Sad huh? This is the reality. #fact.


Just don't quite get why am I always the one that's being caught up in all these situations....
I just don't....

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