Friday, October 24, 2014

I am posting such a late late late post ):
Feeling really sorry about it due to my busy schedule. But yes, finally doing it up!
I was invited as plus one by my dearest bbg, @clxiretxy to a Dominos Pizza Party!

Domino's 'Double the taste, double the fun pizza party

Let me ask y'all something!!
During class chalets, parties, birthday chalets, parties or whatever gatherings.
What is the first thing you'll actually thought of? 
I can say pizza will be the first choice that comes to your mind. 
Why? Because it's super convenient and needless to say, damn tasty? 
You can order any flavour you want. Sooooo many choices!!
Why not right?!??!

Some background introduction for you guys who have not heard of Domino's before!
Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza, Inc. is the recognised world leader in pizza delivery. 
Domino's Pizza, Inc. operates a network of more than 9,000 owned 
and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and more than 65 international markets. 
Domino's is the world's leading pizza delivery company committed 
to leading the industry in product quality and operational excellence. 
So definitely can't go wrong with them, right? 

Reason for choosing Domino's? Very simple.
They are the first to introduce pizza delivery. And they have their own app as well!
Giving consumers connectivity to view the status of their orders!
&&&& 30 mins delivery guarantee; 15 mins takeout guarantee! 
<< damn fast right. save time. (Y) >>
Free delivery & No GST charge, nett pricing.
As Singaporeans, isn't that something we love? Hahaha.

So what is there to not choose Domino's?
 & of course they serve the tastiest pizzas. Oh my god....
Now I'm hungry... ):

 Shades c/o  – @dmajestique // Top – BKK // Bottom – TCL // Shoes – Topshop // Outerwear – H&M


& if Ikea don't wna step up their game, then too bad. 
Cause these Napolitana Baked  Meatballs are so delish!?!?!?
& presenting to you my new favourite pizza now. 
Alfredo Prawn 
 Napolitana Chicken 
 Last but not least..... Chocolate Lava Cake..... Super thick and good.!
Sadly I didn't manage to take all the photos of all the pizzas that day! 
But y'all can head down to their website to check it outtttt!
Besides choosing the flavour, you can also choose your & sauce! Mix and match whatever you like!
1) Classic Hand-Tossed 
2) New York Crust 
3) Crunchy Thin Crust 
4) Cheese Burst Crust 
5) Cheesy Crust 
1) Signature Sauce 
2) Sweet & Spicy Sauce 
3) Napolitana Sauce 
4) Pesto Passion Sauce 
5) Smoky BBQ Sauce 


With '2 Pizzas' deal, you can order 2 regular pizzas for $22 , 2 large pizzas for $33 and 2 xtra large pizzas for $44 for its range of 'All Time Favourite Pizzas'. 
You may also try out the 'Classic Pizzas' range and 'First Class Pizzas' range w a surcharge.  
This exciting deal is applicable anytime, any day, 
with free delivery service and no coupons required!!!!
(like wuttttt are you still waitin' fo ?!?) 
 Thank you bbg for inviting me as your plus one & nomz it out with you!
Mwah xx luv youuuuu <3

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