Into a new year – 2015

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
(yes, it is still Christmas if you're wondering) 
So yes, I'm here to do a closing & some new year resolutions 
(tho I never fail to not fulfil them lol).
2014 has been a roller coaster ride for me (i think every year also the same) 
but thankfully for me, 2014 had be good in general. I've met some of the nicest people I can ever meet actually & am really blessed and thankful that I met them.


Lasalle College of the Arts
For those who know, yep, I'm currently studying in Lasalle & yes, pursing my degree. 
Manage to complete year 1 & moved on to year 2, chose my major and am very happy with my choice. Thankful for my classmates that are always so helpful, crazy and full of nonsense. 
They are the ones who get me by all those boring lessons and all. 

 Brenda & I 

Brenda – Thank you for always being sucha nice girl, so sweet, helpful & caring! Thank you for 
helping me take my outfits, standing under the scorching sun, braving the rain (drizzling) and 
will be worried for me if I can't manage to take my outfits. Hahahaha. Thank you for listening 
to my rants and unhappiness, thank you for always asking me if I ate my lunch. (':
Oh! & helping me get my birthday present! Thank you for every thingggg! Tho we're not in the same class anymore, 
but! it's okay! we can still meet and do work all <3 Luv you tons. 
A photo I took of Daphne for my photography

Daphne – Although we're split up by them cruel lecturers ): But still, thank you for being there to listen to me. Sorry again, for my stupid temper to you know what reasons hahahah. & of course, thank you for helping me out with my embarrassing code red. I'd died x10 if it wasn't for you. Thank you for being sucha accommodating group mate & we always manages to finish our work within just probably 3 days hahahah. 2015 will be a better year for us both okay! We still can meet and gossip, lunch, dinner, stay back do work sesh all. Thankful to have found sucha crazy loud friend like you (cause i also crazy and loud) <3

Larries & Sean – Hey guys. Thank you for all the laughters and stupid jokes. 
Class would've been so boring without you guys. Thank you for helping me out with my doubts and work. 
All the reminders and all from Larries. Thank you!
& yes, I am damn sad that we're all not in the same class now, but it's okay. 
Always can have lunch rightttttt.
Altho there's no note for you guys, but I still luv you guys! Marcus, Jan, Daryl! (:

Yes, my current clique I have now in my life, are from Instagram.
Tho you guys might think that it's absurd how people just met through social media & because sucha close friends. But I'm telling you, NO. It isn't. & They are like angels in my life. Always there for me whenever they can & making sure I'm always ok. Always so sweet to me 
& I really don't know what did I ever do to deserve girlfriends like them!
Claire Tay – Hello Bbg! I think I've thank you a million gazillion times hahahah but that is because I really am! I guess we're so close because we're similar in a lot of ways? & probably because we're virgos #virgosftw. I really can't believe I can actually meet another someone who's so similar to me (apart from my best friend) 
Okay la, altho our style is not exactly similar, but every other aspect we definitely are. 
Thank you for knowing me so well & making sure I'm ok and fine all the time. Worrying for me like a mom. (': Really thank you for always looking out for me and all. I am really thankful. Thank you for being my listening ear when I needed one. Thank you for always jioing me to events and all. Thank you for all the patience for taking my outfits. & we actually took ootd in the rain 
(sort of hahahah) Thank you so much for planning my birthday!!!! <3
 I hope our friendship will go a long long way. Always remember I'll be there for you just like how you did for me okay! You'll always hold a special placing in my heart. 
I luv you so dearly baby girl. 
 Vinez Teo – Although we are 4 years apart, but a lot of times, I don't feel that we are. You're always so caring & concern. So genuine with your feelings and thoughts. I luv your contagious laughter and your actions. You never fail to brighten up my day! Thank you and Jerome for sending me home despite staying so god damn freaking far! Thank you for always being so patience with me 
taking my outfits, sharing my old grandmother stories. Hahahah. Thank you for your luv and care & hearing my out when I needed them. Thank you for doing stupid things with me and all like the above picture. Last but not least, thank you for helping me with my shopping
at 65daigou hahahahah. Really thank youuuu so much Vi. <3 
Though many things have happen but I believe we will be okay. I have faith in all of us. 
I luv you too, Vi. 

Eileen, Matilda, Hazel, Tricia, Rachel & Kelly Honeyflowerr – Thank you girls for playing a part in my 2014! 
You girls made me sucha happy girl. Honestly, I don't think my 2014 will be so great without you girls! 
 Hazel, Eileen, Tricia, Vinez, Rachel, Me, Kelly, Claire, Matilda

& all other girls I met through Instagram!

Eileen, thanks for all the company to all the events! Hopefully we can attend even more events in 2015! & hello my dear girl, we have yet to run & workout ): Hahahha. #major2014fail for us both. Thank you for letting me spam your camera with all my ootds & yes, of course,
 thank you for helping me take them all!!! Thank you for helping out during the xmas party! I really appreciate it a lot! <3 I luv you dear girl, see you in school xo oh & teohengggggggggg!!!

Matilda – Hello! I am damn thankful that Claire jio me out for the meeting y'all girls had. Hahahah. If not I wouldn't have known you & Rachel! @Claire, thank you bbg! Thank you for always being so sweet and all. Really leh, you damn sweet I cannot. Haha. I know you confirm happy rightttttt hahah. Thank you for being so steady when we jio you out. Steady friends, I like. 
Although we're still not very close, but I believe we will be in 2015!!!! 
Luv you, 'teacher pasta mania girl' <3 

Hazel – I actually forgot how we met but it's okay! I so glad we actually did! Attending events, 

cafe-hopping all. Hahahah! Lets do it more often this year alright? (: We'll be closer too okay! 
Thank you for being sucha sweet girl. Mwah xx Luv you sweet girl! <3 

Tricia – Hehehe helllo! Still remember the very first time I met you. Always thought you're sucha pretty girl! 
& I didn't expect us to be so close because of Instagram! Actually I am really grateful that we did. Thanks for being sucha VS crazy & to go crazy with us during shopping. We need a shopping date soon! hehe. Luv you too Triciaaaa xx

Rachel & Kelly – Hi girls, reason for me to put you girls together because you're seemingly close hahahah. Thank you girls for everything! 
To the twitter/wsapp concerns and all the gossiping sesh. Stay pretty and fabulous this 2015 & lets meet up soon okay! 
Luv you two! Mwah xx

So, besides all the fun and laughter, I've joined TBM for an internship in 2014. & it's probably one of the best company to work in ?!? I swear, I don't even feel like I'm actually working 
(besides the 9am working timing) hahahah. But yes. The bosses are so nice and fun. 
I treat them like my older brothers rather than my bosses. (:
I've learned so so much during my whole internship & yes, I'm still interning with them. 
Altho I'm a designer in the company, but I do a lot more than just designing. I learnt how to communicate with clients and all. Attending events and even receive sponsorships. Really couldn't be more grateful and blessed. 
As written in the group chat, thank you once again, CZ, Kendrick & Aloy! 
Oh! & not forgetting Shingz, Winnie, Weiling & Zhiwei! :D

Black Hair Salon 
In 2014, I'm damn blessed to receive my biggest sponsorships ever. Thank you so so much fairy dee <3 (: Thank you for choosing me hehehe. Luv you so so much! 
Thank you so much Cat for always putting in so much effort doing my hair! Really so much love for you Cat! Of course, not forgetting Frankie, Karen & Nick for helping Cat out too! I've been doing my hair in so many salons before, but never have I ever came across any salon like Black Hair Salon. They are so damn nice and family like?!? They never fail to make me smile whenever I'm there.
Making sure that I ate and am hydrated. Always asking me if I need to go to the toilet too. Okay, you'll probably say "aiya they sponsor you what..... of course treat you good la" 
I'm sorry. But no. If you've been there, you'll know how pack they always are. 
ALWAYS FILLED WITH PEOPLE!!! & they treat every single one of their customer equally. Always so caring towards every single person!
They are so hospitable. In all, I'm just so happy to be part of this big family. 
First official session with BHS! Baby pink hair.

 Second Hair session! Mix of pink and purple streaks! 

 Third session with BHS – Hot pink full head! 
 Fourth session with brand new color, Purple! 
& I'll be updating my new hair color sooon! Stay tune. hehe 
Front – Jimmy, Karen & Frankie
Back – Anthony (co-founder), Nicky, Raymond (co-founder), Deniece (brand fairy) & Cat.
  I am so so grateful to be part of this family!

Poly Clique 

Altho we've graduated 3 years from poly and we all have embarked on our own individual journey and aren't that close, but we'll still try to make time for one and another. Xmas dinner, NY Eve countdown, each of our bday celebrations. I'm really quite thankful for every single one of them.  Have some in particular I have to thank.
Dean – Thank you for being there to give me advices and all whenever I needed them. Yes, although we seldom have alone time together, but I'm still thankful for everything. Thank you for opening your house for gatherings and all. Really thank you. & of course, I have to thank you for the (you know what) I know it has been dragged on for so damn ridiculously long. Yes I am very aware & shameful for. Thank you for giving me the time. I am really very thankful for that. 
& whichever you're going through (altho idk what happen) but I can sense. Hahahah Stay strong.
You will always have me jh lina okay? A L W A Y S. Luv you kum! 
Lina – All the late night text and rants and gossiping hahahah. Thank you for listening to me always!!! & you're probably the first few I'd go to whenever I have any problems. You know you can come to me too if you ever need someone.  All the shopping, flea hopping, drinking sesh, taking ootds, gathering all.  Thank you for being so spontaneous and caring. I really couldn't ask anyone more (': Thanks for always remembering me when there's sales and whatever hahhhahahh. 
We will create even more better memories in 2015 okay darl <3 Luv youuuu so much mwah xx 

Min & Ting
 So I've practically known this 2 wonderful ladies most of my life. We're from the same primary
school, secondary & we are still close even till today. & I am glad we still are. (':
Thank you girls for being such awesome girlfriends. All the stupid things we do tgt when we're younger and all. All the photos, neoprints hahahaha.
Performances I had with you, Min. LOL I really felt like I spent most of my life growing with
you two. & Im really glad you two are in my life. Altho now we're all busy with our own lives.
But we'll still make time for each other like we always do, right? (':
Thank you for being there for me when I needed them. Lets have staycation, overseas trip tgt!
Create better and more memories. I love you 2 forever my sisters. <3 

Jun Hao, My Boyfriend.
Hello baby! It's your turn. <3 Yes I know we may not have a damn smooth sailing relationship,
& our opinions and thoughts always clashes for god-knows-what reasons. But I am glad
both of us still hold on to each other and believe that we can make it through no matter what.
I may not be the most soft-spoken, demure, sweet, girl next door kinda girlfriend, but I believe
my love for you is strong & you can feel it, right? Hahahah. Thank you for being there for me
when I needed you. Listen to my rants (altho not really exactly, but ya hahahahah) Planning
all the small little things, folding paper and straw hearts, making funny faces, doing stupid dances,
all the stay overs and yes, sacrificing your lunch because of my sleep. I really do appreciate it.
Surprising me when you're in camp, patiently taking all my ootds in the rain, sun, road.
Peeling prawns for me (sometimes only but I still thankful) Giving me the first bite of your food. Dabao-ing food for me, accepting who I am, always supporting what I do. Helping me out with my school work and accompany me to events & my friend's gathering/birthdays.
SEE I REMEMBER DE OKAY! There so many more to name. But just know that I know what you've done & I remember them. I love you now & till forever.
Mwah xx <3 <3

There's really nothing much I can say about my family except.
They are just irreplaceable. And I love them more than anything.
There are still so many people I want to thank. Too many people.
My crew, altho I never really spend time with them, but they'll always be in my heart.
Churpsg, my new family! Hope 2015 will be better! I will get to know them better hopefully!
Thank you everyone of you guys whom I've met in 2014. 
Be it close or not, thanks for appearing in my life. (:

Till then,

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